Super Congestion to Open Free Living

Where my $290K used to be. You almost had to turn sideways between the houses.

I was at my wife’s family’s farm today. Her aunt and uncle own a lot of property here but their current house was built probably a hundred years ago and is in the middle of a 1500 Feet X 1500 Feet Farm. A FANTASTIC property.

Anyway, her uncle and I were sitting on the lawn looking at the trees he had planted recently and listening to the wind going by. Simply a spiritual feeling having that space around me.

Anyway, I began to think when we got home about the places I have lived and the congestion I have dealt with that completely juxtapose sitting in the middle of a massive empty property.

Take a look at the photo. It was about 3.8 acre subdivision that contained 36 houses…mostly 3 and 4 bedroom multilevel deals with two car garages. That is almost .1 acres per house.

Since then I have lived on a .25 acre lot and our current place is about that as well. All subdivisions but literally on top of our neighbors. In fact, the largest single property I have even resided on was around a half acre.

The ironic or funny part is, we are going to have one beautiful house in the same space 10 to 20 of those houses takes up for less than the price as that cramped in, neighbor on your doorstep house.

So thus I began to think just how peaceful it is going to be living out in the county somewhere, enjoying the wind, smelling the air and sitting with family on our own piece of heaven!


2 thoughts on “Super Congestion to Open Free Living

  1. It’s the status quo of sub-division development — cookie cutter homes built on top of one another, all for the sake of getting more “bang for the buck.” That’s what you’ll find in most burbs nowadays. I am in the beginning process of doing what your doing, dunno if I’ll do a Usonian, but I definitely want something unique and way outside the city.

  2. Very true, David. It is just a shame because people can have so much more by putting the money into more important things than 4 bathrooms, a sprinkler system and a concrete driveway you wash down everyday with the hose. Outside the congestion is certainly the way to go. Good luck on your own journey.

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