Usonian Floor Plan Walkthru…

Here is the Usonian floor plan turned into a 3D movie. I have not completed the surfaces and roof but you get the idea what we are wanting from this short video:


2 thoughts on “Usonian Floor Plan Walkthru…

  1. Do you suppose you’re ever going to actually build it?
    You have done a tremendous amount of research that should be a plus yet when you consider the Redhouse in Ohio and the time it took to contstruct it . . . how long do you think it will be until you actually move in?

  2. Yes for sure we will build it. It is just a matter of planning and in some cases circumstances. ALL our plans are geared around this goal. We know it will be a minimum of two years as we want to let our girls finish high school in our area first. Anything above that will be a matter of money. We visited Tim’s house and went over virtually everything including the length of time it takes to actually build and the dependence on budget and local resources and materials.

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