Usonian Dog House…

Yup, you read it right!

Check out this story. It is so cool on so many levels. Frank Lloyd Wright’s life story continues to amaze me.

3 thoughts on “Usonian Dog House…

  1. I noticed that you found my Lego Usonian house. I am very very very glad that you posted a link to your blog. I am in love with your site

    Have you heard of weeHouses? I like the idea of living minimally and efficiently.

    More importantly I wonder if FLW has any Tortoise house plans floating out in cyber space? I have three that will need a roof of their own one day.

  2. I’m glad you like it. I have seen those weehouses and almost envy their ability to live this sparse. I do know one Usonian guy that used to live on a house boat that was similar, said it was the best place he lived.

    One of the challenges I am finding is with the entire family accepting this minimalist attitude but it is slowly working. I think it was almost to our benefit that this project may take some time to achieve because we are learning A LOT about life and stuff and being able to afford a beautiful space instead of a house full of junk.

    The lego house was cool. Reminded me of how I used to use legos to study engineering issues with cars. Have not seen any Tortoise house but I am sure you could adopt one of his plans.

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