Developing Usonian Floorplan…

It's getting there. Will update more soon.

It’s getting there. Will update more soon.

I’m sorry this is not a large image. I cannot seem to export a larger image than this from CA.

This is on a possible lot we are considering. It is a corner lot on the corner of a 50 acre farm. Fantastic view to the south.

I will be editing more and more of the plan. I am still not 100% happy with it. I think that will be the case up till we build it. For some reason, I keep thinking I am forgetting something in the plan.

I’m also learning Google Sketchup which seems to be a much better alternative to develop our dream into reality. Simple yet powerful program.

Also on the agenda is more attention on furniture designs. More to come…

2 thoughts on “Developing Usonian Floorplan…

  1. Hi David,

    Ask yourself, “Why is the garage completely detached by four feet, yet not aligned to the grid?”

    It should look like an integrated thought…

    I see that it may line up with the half-unit and that is okay. Yes, concrete is expensive, but that is the obvious direction for any future additions. Howe always preferred small houses, I’ve got him on tape saying, “any additions should be thought through before construction ever begins.”

    So, what would you do with more space if money were no object?


  2. Rob, it’s actually John here. David I think just posted my link.

    I’m sorry about the alignment. That drawing was done in haste to figure out a potential property. The problem with that site is there is what’s called a 100 year flood line that has to be dealt with and the only thing that can go into the direction of the garage (from the north edge of the house) is a garage (according to laws).

    The only foreseeable addition would be a mother-in-law suite and even that I think I would be super leery about. In fact the twin’s rooms are even a luxury because well eventually they have to move out.

    Thanks for the thoughts. I always like to hear why something is done. I’m such a questioning person.

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