Usonian Roof Study

I’ve been inside a lot during this very cold winter so far and slowly learning Google Sketchup. Have finally come up with what I think is a good solution for the two roof levels to intersect. The living room/office wing and bedroom wings will be in the 7′ height range and the kitchen/core in the 10 to 12 foot ceiling height range and it has been bothering me that I could not visualize how to make this work for the inside and out.

I know Frank Lloyd Wright would have preferred a flat roof but there is no way the wife is allowing that in this climate (higher snow load). So instead we will cathedral the ceilings in all three sections which will allow plenty of lower and higher sections throughout the house. The goal is to draw the air through the house from the wings into and out the top of the core as Wright would have certainly done.

Forgive the crudeness, still learning Sketchup…but at least I am getting the hang of it.

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