Usonian House was not meant to be….yet!

Well the latest update is we went to go build our dream home which was to be further refined by a famous Frank Lloyd Wright specialty architect, had conversations with him, went to meet him in Chicago and we were ready to go. Only problem is our lender put a  stop to it. It was quoting at over $450,000 well over our max budget. Not such a Usonian concept when we would have been in debt well into our 80s.

So plan b has kicked in. We purchaed a house in a REALLY nice area with a lot of property and views to the north and currently to the south. Our intention is to add an addition to the front and make it look sort of like this house design by WEST STUDIO ARCHITECTS.

The house we bought is an extremely well built home with plaster built in the 80′s It has totally custom Mahogany trim, doors and cabinets. I would call it art nou·veau meets the 80s. Not too bad. Here is a street view shot:






The house sits very far back from a really nice street. We got a super deal off the original builderss/owners of the property and just love it. The ironic part about it is I took a picture of a house down the street calling it a McMansion. It is actually to the right of us on a crowed street of more McMansions and we have already had people request to buy some of our larger property to include into theirs….no way. They have no idea how beautiful we intend to make it.

The interior will be all oak and mahogany and is already underway.

It is our current intention to build this into as much a frank lloyd wright style home as we can, purchase a property up North and begin building a smaller version of our plan until we can retire into it.

I will be working on the design stage of things in the coming months and show you guys sketchup models of what we have in mind. I think it will be absolutely amazing living here.

It is not the original Usonian Dream but of course now that kids have moved out and we are alone, priorities have changed. We are both making decent money and plan to start a side business called “9 Pines Designs” which will sell upper level Frank Lloyd Wright and Mission Style items such as lights, furniture, iron gates, you name it.

So check in and I will write more info on our progress and grab the cam to do so current shoots and projected models.

Thanks for your patience.

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