Refining the Usonian Floor Plan (or not)…

Adams - Usonian Style Floor Plan 2

Adams - Usonian Style Floor Plan 2

My book is still not here but I have been working on refining our original plan.

The main difference is the master bedroom suite.

I have the space down to our goal of 2500 square feet but still do not like the design 100%.

It is just not as elegant as the Usonian houses I have seen and contains A LOT of wasted space.

I am just beginning to see the concepts I have read about so far.

The plan below shows a more refined look to it.

Adams Usonian Type Floor Plan3

Adams Usonian Type Floor Plan 3

My wife and I are still debating the kitchen location and the 3rd bathroom.

How I got from this to a much better plan required about 3 weeks of reading and reflecting on my Usonian design mistakes…

…as you will see…

2 thoughts on “Refining the Usonian Floor Plan (or not)…

  1. LOVE FLW-My sis and her hubs are both architects and they anssiopate about taking old run down places and restoring them back to life while infusing them with responsible modern features! (They sadly refuse to live in Boise since we don’t have enough old buildings lol-or funding to do such things) after college in Chicago they are now settled in Richmond VA living in a wonderfully restored old meat slaughter house! lol Way to reuse aye?

    • ” Oh, enough of the Frank Lloyd Wright wrohsip already.”Now you’ve done it. :-) There’s lots of really entertaining myths about Frank, and I thought I’d heard most of them. Haven’t heard tht one about Chicago U though. It’s not impossible, as he touted it to a lot of clients, but frankly the ‘Mile Hgh’ was always a marketing tool and a showpiece for his ‘Broadacre City’ proposal, though it was engineered as a real building.He ~was~ pushing the elevator techology of the time — indicated really by the fact he proposed multi-storey atomic-powered elevators for the building — but the linear-induction elevators of today would have no problem with it.”Then shall we mention Wright’s lack of engineering skills?”You can, but you’d be wrong. Wright’s engineering was world-class — just ask those people who survived the 1923 Tokyo earthquake in his Imperial Hotel. The story you relate about Fallingwater is half true; the site engineer did demand more steel, partly because he didn’t fully understand the ‘reverse waffle slab’ that Wright was using for the cantilever terraces. The steel was installed without Wright’s knowledge with two results, 1) the steel was too close together to allow the concrete to enter all the volume of the concrete terraces; and 2) the cantilever terraces were heavier than they would otherwise have been.Still stood though.Shall I keep going?”I admit it, his stuff looks lovely. Really gorgeous. If they were sculptures I’d admire them. “But if they were sculptures they wouldn’t be architecture, would they? :-) They were built to be lived in, and those who did live in them say themselves that experience was amongst the best and most memorable of their lives.”But architecture is supposed to be about marrying looks, functionality, and engineering reality.”Actually, I never agreed with Vitruvius about that. :-) I the architect creates an integration of structure, function and ornament.

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