Legalett Foundation is a Possibility…Learning More…

When researching frost wall foundations I came across this company’s site:

They are in my Province so I read a lot of their material and the basic idea is slab on grade construction similar to what Frank Lloyd Wright describes.

You plow away any top soil and remove tree roots. Lay down under slab services (plumbing, electrical, etc.). Place a layer of crushed stone. Then a perimeter of Styrofoam is placed around the foundation’s footprint and two layers of thick styrofoam are then laid over the stone. A complex system of rebar and mesh is then placed. An “air ducted” in floor heating system is then weaved around the slab and a heater placed at ground level. The slab is then poured and it creates basically a huge platform of concrete that floats on top of the styrofoam as one unit.

Very cool!

So I am going to talk to the local rep and see what he has to say about our Usonian dream foundation. Will let you know what I learn…

One thought on “Legalett Foundation is a Possibility…Learning More…

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