Quick Update on Usonian Land Issues…

Just a quick note on our progress. I have had to sort of sidetrack the land acquisition for our Usonian home because of business matters.

What is happening is my business is in a phase where I need a temporary physical location instead of my current home office. The ultimate goal is still to work mainly from home but at this stage, in order to get the business into more of a hands-off state, I have to have a quiet place to interview people and occasionally meet clients.

The way this relates to our future Usonian plans is that I am making decisions that may or may not affect our location. Too far from the city can pose a problem, but not if I set it up correctly now. Too close and we are fully defeating our dreams into the future.

Our primary purpose is still to be away from neighbors and live a self sustaining lifestyle as pictured by Frank Lloyd Wright (and achieved by him in some cases with Taliesen).

So my wife and I have been looking at more properties. We have been torn between getting a 4 acre plot for half what 25 acres would be. In other words, do we get the 4 acre plot soon or the 25 acre lot into the future a bit more.

The thing about the 4 acre plot is usually the orientation of our house although by mirroring my Usonian floor plan, it is still doable. I REALLY likeĀ  our house plan and am almost trying to fit the plot to the usonian design…FLW would likely ex-communicate me for doing this.

We found one 25 acre farm that would be absolutely perfect for our needs but again, we are dealing with people that are over inflating their property values (in some cases by 75% over assessed value.

So our weekends are spent driving around the county looking at possibilities and dreaming of the Usonian life we are going to lead and the weekdays have been spent building a business to get it to the point that it will automatically sustain our Usonian lifestyle.