Possible “Frank Lloyd Wright” Dream Property…

We did a bit of property hunting over the weekend outside our city. Remember, Frank Lloyd Wright did recommend going out 50 miles and then go farther to build a house…so we did. We looked at several properties right on the North shores of lake Erie because we figured the house can have a south-east facing, unobstructed view, and still be within our budget. Fifty miles inwards to the city…NO WAY we could afford that view.

Possible Property for Our Usonian Possible Property for Our Usonian

Here is what we are considering. It is a section of land on the top of a 50 foot bluff that is subdivided into 150 feet X 700 foot lots. The reason we thought this would work is there is restrictions set by the authorities that stops a neighbor from building in the future in our path. To put it another way…you would enter house from the north side of the property not seeing the lake behind, come around the corner into the living room and have a totally unobstructed view of the lake.

There are 6 lots available and if this is not the lot, there are plenty more around that area, mostly newer retirement homes. A local agent told us most of the farmers sold off their land to subdivide and make a profit. At times some of these lots are going for as low as 400 FT frontage for $70K. We both are just shaking our heads for the past two days knowing it is something we can both picture our future Usonian house and life beginning on. It will fit the view to perfection.