Quick Spring Update of Usonian Dreams

Well this was the second worst winter in the history of recorded weather. More snow and more cold days than every year except 1880. We did reach down into -33F which had us working in the house most days getting it ready for sale.

Not much has been going on in the design front. We were designing a garage to add to our current house to increase our home value and practice skills we will need to build our future Usonian house but as with everything else, it has been put on hold until we know what is happening with our future.

We still have not decided to purchase a piece of property that has an existing house on it or just an empty lot. There are advantages and disadvantages to both and to be honest, we have not seen that ideal property that is within a realistic price range. The previous house/property we were looking at has only been reduced by $10K and is still honestly $40K over-priced (or it would have easily sold over the winter). The other 200 year old house and 1.5 acre property we wanted, the new owners are building as we speak (don’t know how they dug a foundation with a frost depth of 50 inches this year).

There is so much up in the air right now with our girls starting college in the fall that we are still not sure where to look or how long we will be in our current home. If a nice piece of property with a liveable house comes on the market and is realistically priced, we are ready to sell and move on short notice. We can then get permits to start the Usonian house using our floor plan. Otherwise, we will stay here till the girls are completed school and build the garage/workshop and work on some of the furniture we will need for the new house.

Never has my wife and I been so much in the unknown as to our future. I had someone ask me where I picture myself in a year and any other time of my life I would have told them in a flash. Recently though our only stable piece of information is we know that our dream is out of the city living in our Usonian Dream house.

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