Possible properties to later build a Usonian House or Move WAY up north to get more land…Update…

Have not posted in awhile but a lot has been going on that I will update here over next few weeks.

Autumn is a bit late and winter promises to be a bad one so I will certainly have more inside time to write and upload photos.

The biggest news is we have been considering two new options to arrive at our ultimate Usonian dream.

1. We were considering selling our current house and purchasing about 50 to 100 acres about 5 hours north of here and build a house. This would let us be completely debt free upon moving in and the areas we are looking are very cheap to live and we can use the wooded lands to help heat the house for free, thus saving the $2400/yr we are spending now. Can also grow TONS of food, hunt for deer, fish and work in one of the mid size towns in Northern Ontario to keep monthly expenditures down. We want to move to as much a self-sustaining model as possible.

2. Option 2 is we recently found out the house we are in now is worth WAY more than we thought with close comparables (including several of our neighbours) selling in a few days with no agent involved and in one case a paper sign on the lawn. We happened to live in the most desirable location with the largest amount of buyers looking in the ideal price range home. I will get into why this is so in future posts and our logic to sell now and not 3 years from now. The other factor is land in our area has gone up over 23% in one year making it nearly impossible to look 3 years down the road here. We just wont be able to beat the MANY others looking for the same thing. Then we looked at a few 2 acre properties with 100 year old homes on them and workshops and barns that we can easy “move sideways” so to speak. In other words, we would not go into debt anymore than we already are, we can live in the old house while we build a new one in 3 years. There are many factors to this and the one ideal property/house we had our heart set on is most likely sold… but we shall see. It would have easily fit our Jacobs style house on it and have no neighbours and be 15 minutes from the city still. We would be on site to do the work each day. But again, it is about 5 times more expensive than 5 hours north of here. Land is in some cases 20 times more expensive than even a hundred miles south of us in the US.

My wife and I have also been continuing to set up our Usonian Workshop and have been thinking about making a few products to sell online here. More to follow about that…

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