‘Garage and Shop not so Usonian’…explained

A few people have mentioned that my plans have a large garage and shop and those that know Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonian philosophy (if you can call it that) mentioned it did not include such opulence.

In fact this is true in most cases except it is my one dream in life to one day have a machine/wood shop to invent ideas that may later help to solve some the world’s messed up energy issues. Despite all the jobs I have had in my life, I feel deep down it is the one that I would need to achieve to call my life a success.

Without a shop I can stumble out of bed and go to in my retirement years (few off still but getting there), I would never achieve that life dream. The one thing I learned about a shop is if it is not easily accessible, heated and has it’s own designated space, it will go unused. And I do not want that so thus the shop and large garage semi-attached to the Usonian home.

The garage part will also serve as an area to help restore an old car or use as a welding area away from the wood/machine shop.

My wife’s one caveat was that we build the house first and the shop/garage later but our plans have changed as you can see in the previous two posts. Because the shop/garage/cottage is of such simple design, we also hope to work out some of the weird building methods we will be presenting to the local authorities for approval including the slab on grade foundation that will also act as the flooring. The 4′ on center douglas fir posts with windows between them are another.

Frank Lloyd Wright actually designed several houses with either extended car ports (including his own Taliesin) as well as houses with a tiny shop in them to match the needs of his clients. I truly believe this will be our retirement house and want it to meet all our future needs including the dedicated shop and garage that will get a ton of use once built.

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