“The Fountainhead” movie about Frank Lloyd Wright?

The Fountainhead Movie “The Fountainhead” is a Warner Bros. movie written by Ayn Rand and loosely based on Frank Lloyd Wright – peppered with Usonian references.

I recently saw a documentary about the author “Ayn Rand” and they mentioned that Warner Bros. made her novel “The Fountainhead” it into a movie in 1949. I found it only here: http://vimeo.com/68662628

Most certainly this was loosly based on Frank Lloyd Wright’s colorful life and beliefs. I want to study more about the concepts mentioned in it which I am told are Ayn Rand’s musing about Objectivism.

I have also been watching the first two episodes of Atlas Shrugged but the Fountainhead movie certainly had me interested especially parts that semi-related to Usonia and the Usonian housing concept (Cortlandt housing project).

Funny enough, Ayn Rand was born “Alisa Zinov’yevna Rosenbaum” which I do not know if it relates to the Rosenbaum House we are some what basing our Usonian Design on. Well I do recommend watching the movie if not to see the really high quality B&W film they use.

As a short update, we are still awaiting word on if we should put offer in on property I mentioned in last post. The R/E agent is playing a bit of a game and we need to back away for a few days on it. More to follow.

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